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EcoFlow Smart Generator

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When disasters happen, such as long-lasting power outages, storms, everyone needs a backup power source to stay safe. the Smart EcoFlow Generator is a backup option that integrates with your DELTA Pro or DELTA Max.


Integrates with DELTA Pro/Max

Link it with your DELTA Pro/Max to recharge it during long power outages.

Focus on efficiency

Compared to traditional generators, the EcoFlow Smart Generator delivers continuous current, saving you fuel and time.

Recharge and Power

An AC output is also offered to allow you to power your accessories in case of emergency, while your electric generator recharges.

Smart, very smart

Automatically triggers at preset battery level. Can be monitored and controlled from the app. Automatic shutdown. That's smart


59.7*29.6*47.5cm / 23.5*11.7*18.7 in



Rated Power

1800 W (1900 W en pointe)

DC Current

32A Max


28,5 kg


60 Hz

DC out port

42 to 58.8 V

Q: What makes this generator smart?

A: The EcoFlow Smart Generator is smarter than traditional generators. It works with the EcoFlow app which allows you to control and monitor it remotely. It is equipped with an LCD screen and can also start automatically when the battery of your electric generator reaches a certain level.

Q: How much more efficient is the EcoFlow Smart Generator?

A: Unlike others, the Intelligent Generator charges your electric generator with DC power. This provides an efficiency gain of around 10%, saving you time and money.

Q: Can I use the Smart Generator alone?

A: The Smart Generator is designed primarily to work alongside the DELTA Pro and DELTA Max. However, it can be used alone, like a classic generator, if you wish.

Q: How many kWh does one tank of fuel provide?

A: To support you during a long power outage, you can charge your DELTA Pro or Max with the Smart Generator. In this case, a full tank of fuel can provide you with 5.4 KWh.

1.Smart Generator 2.Extra Battery Connection Cable 3.Oil Funnel 4.Screwdriver 5.Spark Plug Socket 6.Breaker Bar 7.Double-Ended Spanner 8.User Manual and Warranty Card